Imagine finding out that the illness that has been plaguing you for as long as you can remember is caused by your job?  You go to work every day and put in your best effort and are rewarded with eczema or lung cancer?  It's not as uncommon as you might think. 
Occupational disease is an illness or condition that strikes a specific population of workers in the same field, more so than other people not associated with that field of work.  Think about a hair dresser who does small repetitive movements with her hands all day.  From clipping with the scissors to rolling curlers year after year – it can cause carpel tunnel syndrome.      Firefighters constantly get exposed to smoke, and byproduct and chemicals from that smoke,   possibly causing lung cancer.
People who are plagued with an occupational disease have the right to workers compensation.  Many people don't realize that as they think of someone getting physically injured as someone who can claim workers comp.  It can be more difficult to file a claim for an illness or disease then it is for an outward physical injury and often requires the assistance of an attorney.

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