Most people who have gallstones never experience any pain or other symptoms. Those who do have symptoms, however, can feel intense pain that prevents them from performing daily activities. Severe cases can even require surgery. Anything from mild pain to recovering from surgery could disrupt your typical work life.

How Gallstone Pain Disrupts Work

Even mild pain can make it difficult to concentrate on tasks. A person with gallstones might feel pain in his stomach, upper back, or shoulder blades. This can make any type of work hard to do, whether the person sits at a desk or works on a construction site.

Intense pain from gallstones can force people to stay home for days at a time. If the issue isn’t addressed immediately, the gallstones will likely cause future problems, too. That means even more missed days at work.

Gallstone Surgery Disrupts Work Schedules

Doctors can only do two things to treat gallstones: stop the pain with medication or remove the gallbladder. Persistent or reoccurring pain usually means that the patient needs surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery can remove the gallbladder without making large incisions. People who receive the surgery usually only spend one day in the hospital. Recovery, however, can take up to two weeks. If complications arise, then recovery can take months. That doesn’t happen often, but it is possible.

If you need gallstone surgery, then you should consider how it will affect your work schedule. You might need to consider short-term disability so you can recover without putting yourself at risk by going back to work too soon.


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