A 26-year old man from Florida was recently fired because he wore an American flag pin to work and then refused to take it off.

Sean May was terminated from the Casa Monica hotel where he worked as a desk supervisor in St. Augustine. May had been wearing the same flag pin to work every day for the last two years but on Friday management told him to remove the pin to abide by company policy.

May defended himself by relating the number of compliments about the pin during his time of service. The hotel management however mentioned that the employee handbook clearly states that nothing outside of the company uniform should be work and that patriotism had nothing to do with the action taken. May was sent home early from work on Thursday when he initially refused to remove the flag pin. He was fired from his position the next day.

While there has been public outrage against the hotel, it appears that a recent change in hotel leadership may have sparked the dress code issues being raised. Kessler Enterprise recently took over the Casa Monica hotel.

May did not state if he planned to seek his job back or what his future intentions were for finding work. Locals were quick to applaud May’s perceived act of heroism for standing up for American patriotism.