A firefighter and 29-year veteran with the FDNY, has filed a lawsuit against the City and the FDNY to obtain compensation for a severe on-the-job back injury in New York. The lawsuit was recently filed in St. George with the state Supreme Court.

This incident stems from an injury at work in New York when the firefighter was crushed by a 40-ton mobile decontamination unit.  According to the firefighter's attorney, the decontamination vehicle was normally parked across the street but had been moved inside to be serviced.

At the time of the alleged incident the 40-ton vehicle, which was unattended. The vehicle apparently moved, crushing the firefighter and causing back fractures. The attorney for the firefighter stated that the vehicle's brakes were not engaged at the time of the incident.

Neither the FDNY nor the Law Department has commented on the pending lawsuit.

Accidents like this occur all the time, and if you have been injured while working you need to be aware of your rights. The Bronx workers' compensation lawyers of Markhoff & Mittman, PC hope anyone in a situation like this is able to receive the proper medical care.