There have been many family members who have suffered along with workers injured on the job. It is the family members who are left to cope with the medical problems and other consequences that arise after work-related injuries and accidents occur. In some cases, it is the family members left to stand alone when a work-related fatality occurs.

A recent headline involving the death of a demolition worker on-site at a Columbia University construction site has prompted the victim’s family to take legal action in a public manner. The Harlem building collapse that killed Juan Riuz and seriously injured two of his fellow workers should not have happened according to family members. They plan to fill a lawsuit, taking the case public to prevent other construction deaths from occurring to other families. The injured workers’ families may do the same in time.

Family members are often left to pick up the pieces after a wrongful death on the job or work-related injury. For this reason, it is important to consider your options and protect your rights in a workers compensation claim. You will need to be able to support your family when you are unable to work after an injury.
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