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If you’re looking for some classic fun for all ages, then Shipwrecked in Brooklyn is your place to check out with friends and family. Choose from two types of adventures to partake upon arrival, the miniature golf course, or the escape deck.

The miniature golf course provides an 18-hole adventure through 4 different themes all throughout the course. Enjoy theatrical scenery, interactive lights, and sounds for a game packed with excitement.

The escape deck is a 1-hour private escape room adventure where you and your team members will have to try and escape as many mini escape rooms as possible. There are three completely different themed escape rooms to choose from, all available on the mezzanine level of Shipwrecked.

Shipwrecked is the perfect place to host a party or event for your children or even yourself. Choose from packages designed for kids and adults and customize your package to fit your needs.

Beat The Bomb

This interactive and competitive gaming platform allows you to test your skills and play against others in several theatrical missions. Choose from three themes, Cyberbot, Block Monster, and Circle of Doom, where you’ll be challenged to take on a Hack Attack, Laser Maze, Echo Chamber, and Floor Grid.

Upon completing the laser grid, your team must reach the bomb room and deactivate the bomb before the time lapses. The thrilling features of these missions make for a great experience everyone will love.

After a day filled with adventure and activities, check out one of our top recommended restaurants.

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