After a 42 year old man died on a construction site, OSHA and the Department of Buildings made workers stop until an investigation can be conducted. The man apparently fell 15 feet through the floor and suffered head injuries after making contact with a steel beam. Despite the best efforts of emergency responders, the man succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

OSHA has long been following the safety of construction workers. They estimate that four workers involved in construction are fatally injured at work each day. Many of the deaths are the result of falls after working at great heights.

The State of New York enforces a law for those employees who often must face great heights to get their job done. The law is referred to as the Scaffold Law as was enacted after the number of fall deaths continued to increase each year. Employers of construction workers need to always ensure they have created a sound work environment for those performing work from heights. If safety guards are not in place, the general contractor, the project manager, and the owner of the property where work is being completed can all be legally held responsible for the injuries or fatalities that occur when proper safety gear is not provided.

Safety gear for those working high up on the job site also needs to be regularly tested to ensure it is always in proper working order. Unfortunately many accidents continue to happen because while safety gear is present on the job, it is not working as it should to provide adequate safety or workers have never been properly trained as to how to use the equipment.

New York City has a significant amount of worker falls from great heights due to the many tall structures for both business and residential purposes. Whether buildings are being newly constructed or remodeled to better standards, employers and all involved in the completion of the project need to ensure that worker safety is the priority.

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