There are many experienced and qualified workers who perform the most dangerous of work tasks and never see a work injury. But one simple job can turn into a serious injury for even the most qualified workers.

One of the problems with perceived routine jobs is that workers tend to careless when they have done the same work hundreds of times. Take an electrician that has rewired a basic outlet too many times to count. One day he does a similar job without much thought and ends up getting electrocuted due to a very careless mistake.

These types of situations are one reason why is it vital that employers continue to upgrade and update safety training, if only they are used to be a reminder about basic safety measures and guidelines. Getting careless can cost a worker their own life and routine training can help keep such data at the forefront of the worker’s mind.

Just because you have done the same job or job task for 20 years does not meet you get to be lazy. If you are so burn out by your position, it may be time to seek a new one or select a different career path. Becoming complacent on the job is not only going to present a danger to your own safety, you are also risking the health and welfare of all coworkers on the job.

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