A former letter carrier claimed she injured her back while working for the US Postal Service nearly six years ago. Now, Alice Brown is being accused of cashing $143,000 in Social Security disability checks all the while maintaining a full-time job at a Long Island bagel shop.

Brown, 53, has claimed for all these years that she is not working and is not able to work. However, an investigation revealed she has been working the counter at Strathmore’s Bagels in Shirley, LI for a number of years. Brown was taped in video surveillance wearing a company t-shirt, waiting on customers, and cooking without difficulties. She was also found to show up every day to work by the federal agents who had been watching her.  During the month of February, Brown was recorded to have worked 10 hour days for two weeks in a row.

Co-workers at the bagel shop confirmed that Brown has been working full time for almost five years. During that time, investigators said Brown continued to cash her monthly disability check which she received at her Mastic home since September 2007.  Neighbors also noted that Brown was seen weeding and planting in her garden, crouching down without a problem.

Brown was arrested and charged with mail fraud. She was released on $50,000 bail. Facing up to five years in prison for her charges, Brown may also be ordered to make a full restitution if convicted. Brown nor her bagel shop boss would comment on the charges.