The recent story about the Florida hotel employee being fired for bearing an American flag pin on his work coat has raised a lot of eyebrows. The man was sent home from work after refusing to take off a pin fashioned into the shape of the American flag, a pin he has worn for two years. The man was fired from his position in the hotel the next day.

It appears the employee was terminated for violating a company dress code. Management had pointed out the specifics in the employee handbook for the reason the man was terminated.

Employee handbooks are supposed to be provided to all new-hires as well as to existing employees should any of the rules change. These handbooks outline the do and do not’s for both the benefit of the management and the employees. It is important for employees to read the guidelines carefully to ensure they are following the proper protocol and codes of conduct.

For those who defend the man’s right to show his patriotism, the reasoning behind the termination is valid. Those who are showing support of the man’s ‘heroic acts’ in support of America by refusing to take the flag pin off his uniform are quick to forget about the other side of the coin – namely the handbook rules for those employed by the hotel. While there are limited details gleaned from the news articles, there is likely some kind of recourse the employee can take if he was not given fair treatment in line with being fired.

Understanding the rules and guidelines of where you are employed is the only way to ensure your rights and your position within a company is protected. If you have been terminated from a job without good, justifiable reasoning you may have to seek the advice of our legal team. Contact us toll free at 855-614-4351  or use our online form for more information.