Emergency workers are often noted as working in a thankless profession. While many are hailed publicly for their heroic deeds, there are still thousands more individuals who continue to volunteer their time for the good of others.

A chief skill rescue workers need to possess is the ability to be perceptive about human nature and be capable of offer the reassurance victims need in a time of tragedy and trauma. The emotional toll many emergency workers undergo on each accident scene may appear to be just a part of the job but can eventually take a serious toll on one’s physical health.

The emotional stress of working with individuals who are experiencing serious duress can lead to many health complications for the worker, especially over the long term. While some rescue workers may be somewhat desensitized to serious injuries, the ongoing struggles to deal with the carnage and disasters workers experience can eventually cause problems.

Studies show one of the most difficult situations to deal with for an emergency worker is the injury or death of a young child. Many first responders must face the realities other individuals can ignore. Often responders to child-related incidents become very emotional and stressed out. Many organizations require emergency workers to undergo counseling and debriefings in order to help them cope with the anxieties of the experience.

The emotional toll rescue workers undergo should not be ignored. It can become a more serious situation that leaves the worker unable to resume a normal life. Some workers are so committed to their work in emergency services, they resist the notion they are suffering emotional stress, depression, and anxiety which can lead to more serious physical and mental health consequences.

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