Since the death of Suzanne Hart who was killed in a tragic elevator crushing accident, many New Yorkers have a new fear facing one of thousands of elevators used throughout the city.

Suzanne Hart, a 41 year old advertising executive was killed at work when the elevator she was boarding rose up and pinned her between the wall of the elevator shaft and the outside of the elevator car. The elevator was said to have been serviced just hours before Hart’s accident.

According to National Statistics, elevators and escalators kill an average of 30 people each year with an additional 17,000 people suffering injuries. Just a week prior to the Hart incident, a woman in an elevator at California State University Long Beach was also killed when an elevator crushed her to death.

New Yorkers particularly paid attention to the news headlines since riding in elevators is a typical part of their day at work and at home. While current elevators in more modern buildings have improved safety technology, but there are still risks associated with riding in an elevator.