With people moving faster and faster each day, it is no wonder the roads are becoming more dangerous. When you earn a living on the road, the risks are much greater if you are involved in an accident, especially when distracted driving on your part has caused the accident.

If you work in a transportation capacity or as a delivery service provider, it can be difficult to stick to timely schedules thanks to the increased amount of traffic sharing the road. At the same time you are trying to focus on the road, you are probably responsible for following directions to locate delivery destination. At the same time, your vehicles radio or your cell phone is constantly on to keep you on schedule. All of these elements create a serious danger to your health and safety on the job. It also makes you a hazard to other drivers. For instance, postal workers who must drive the rural routes create a serious situation just doing their job. Other drivers not paying attention may not realize the mail vehicle is making sudden and frequent stops, causing a potentially deadly accident.

Other transportation-related jobs pose risks too. Transporting criminals, sick patients, or rushing to emergencies all can prove dangerous to those on the road. Distraction often is a part of the job for emergency workers, police officers, and firefighters and if other drivers are not following the speed limits and rules of the road at all time, there will be consequences.

If you have to get behind the wheel each day whether to drive to work or because it is your job duty, make a commitment to stay distraction free. It can take two seconds to pull off to the safe side of the road to answer a phone call. In the same two minutes your livelihood or your life can be taken from you.

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