When you find you have been denied Social Security benefits after your initial application filing, understand that the denial stems from something you may have stated in the initial application. With the complex issues surrounding Social Security disability benefits, it is wise to consider getting assistance before it is too late.

You have the right to appeal a Social Security decision made against you but when you go ahead with that appeal it makes sense to ensure you have the right information to prevent another denial. Our offices are experienced in the appeals process for Social Security disability and know that there are many reasons people are denied benefits as a result of their application.

We can evaluate your situation and your need for receiving disability benefits and then help you prepare for the appeal armed with the right information and knowledge. Too often we have encountered people who do not realize the benefits of having an attorney involved in the appeals process. In many cases, the experienced attorney has the insight to know how to handle the appeal to gain a successful outcome.

Check out our list of common mistakes people make in completing the initial application for Social Security disability and if you feel your denial was still wrong, contact our office toll free at 855-614-4351 or use our online form for more information.