When you wake up for work and it’s just the most gorgeous day, the last thing you may want to do is go to work. You may be tempted to call in to work and make up an excuse to get some freedom but if something should ever go wrong at a later time, you may find your job in jeopardy.

There are many common excuses for missing work people use just to play hooky for the day such as the car won’t start, the kids are sick, grandma died. However, when the real situation arises at a later point, you may have difficulty proving to your boss that you are telling the truth. When employees need to leave work early or miss time from their job duties, employers likely will want to know why. If you end up forgetting the difference between your lies and truths on the job, you may end up not having a job if your employer remembers your excuses.

It is always wise to remain truthful about missing work. In addition to losing a day’s wages, you may also be terminated for taking too much time off. Companies typically have specific policies about time off and missing work. You’ll need to review these policies and ensure you are not violating any rules directly when choosing to call off of work. If you plan to call in to work with an excuse, you may find yourself in trouble if your employer asks for proof of your reasoning. For instance, if you claim there was a death in your family, you may be required to provide proof of death. If you claim you or your child was sick, you may need to provide a doctor’s note to your employer.

These days many employers will be apt to question your reasoning for missing work especially if you have a history of taking unplanned time off or if you call in sick frequently. It is wiser to pre-plan days off according to your allowance and vacation leave. By scheduling time off, you won’t have to worry about making up lies and excuses for missing work and can attend to your job duties responsibly so if an unexpected emergency occurs in the future, you’ll not have to worry about having missed too much work time.

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