Many workers use their hands daily on the job to do work of a laborious nature. As a result our hands bear the brunt of the hard, physical work and we often hear of injuries sustained as a result of that tough work. Hand fractures are very common in the workplace and can result without the worker realizing it. Some injured employees will continue to work through the pain of a hand fracture and not seek the proper medical attention they need to heal. As a result, fractured bones cause more serious complications and likely chronic pain.

Hand fractures on the job result in a number of ways. Getting your hand crushed by a heavy object, hitting your hand on a hard surface, or after a slip and fall in the workplace. The pain may not be at first noticeable especially for those used to bumps and bangs of their hands and fingers but over time a fractured bone that doesn’t heal properly can cause pain and even disfigurement. Many hand fractures may also result in the inability to use your fingers properly.

It is important to have your hand looked at by a doctor if you suffer any direct trauma to your hand that is out of the ordinary. You will likely need x-rays to check for fractures and brakes and the doctor will decide on the best course of treatment to make sure your bones heal correctly. If you are an older worker, it is especially important to have the proper medical diagnosis and treatment because as we age, our bones do not heal as they might have in our youth.

Don’t ignore trauma to your hand, even if you think the pain is bearable. Working with an untreated fracture can cause you a lot of problems in the near future. If you have fractured your hand on the job, contact our office for a free consultation by calling us toll free at 888-799-3918 or by using our online contact form for more information.