Knee pain is not something to joke around with especially if it comes up suddenly. Small movements in the wrong direction can hurt and be a sign that something is seriously amiss in your knee joint. It is important that you seek proper medical attention to prevent a worse condition from developing.

Many times people will wait too long to seek medical attention and try to avoid a doctor appointment. But delaying treatment can mean other conditions can develop and chronic pain can make it difficult or even impossible to function.

Work-related knee injuries are common especially in manual labor jobs where heavy lifting is involved or being on your feet for long periods of time is required. These jobs can cause stress on the knees that damage cartilage and can lead to chronic conditions affecting your ability to walk and resume normal work activities.

Once an injury has occurred, rest and treatment is required to promote the healing. Without that proper rest, it is possible to reinjure the knee and potentially even tear the cartilage and ligaments in the knee. This further damage can necessitate surgery and put you out of work and income for an extended period of time.

Even if you haven’t injured your knee and start experiencing pain in the joint, you should seek medical attention to diagnose chronic medical conditions that can limit your ability to work. Arthritis and tendonitis can produce chronic pain and make it difficult for you to walk and sustain your work life.

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