Domestic workers have made many headlines in the last few years, especially those whose former employers were the rich and famous. Housekeepers, nannies, and personal chauffeurs have been put front and center when they bring their lawsuits into the national spotlight after facing abuse or lack of pay at the hands of their famous employers.

However, it is not only the celebrity set that has been shown to treat domestic workers poorly. A group known as the National Domestic Workers Alliance released a report earlier this year based on the results of their national survey of US domestic workers.

Through the study, it was found that even in this day and age, 1 in every 4 workers are receiving wages lower than their state’s minimum. Many of these workers are live-ins working as housekeepers or nannies. Some of these workers were reporting to have received just $1.50 an hour. For those working in domestic services that are undocumented immigrants, their wages paid were even less. A number of the unfairly paid workers also noted they had many occasions where they couldn’t even afford their own basic needs including food at certain times.

Another battle domestic workers face is the amount of work they have delegated to them. Live-in workers in particular tend to have a lot more work piled onto their schedule because of the convenience of having the worker there all the time. According to the survey results, 1 in 4 workers stated they were kept from getting at least 5 hours of sleep without being interrupted.

Due to the increased workload and little pay, domestic workers are at risk for emotional stress and physical injuries on the job. Not all workers are properly covered in the event of such an on the job injury when employers fail to follow proper protocol.

If you have been injured while working as a domestic worker whether you live-in or outside of your employer’s premises, you have a right to protect yourself as an injured worker. Because there are many complications surrounding the type of work domestic workers perform, it is best to have the proper legal guidance of an experienced workers compensation attorney. Contact us today at 888-799-3918 for a free consultation. You can also reach us through our online contact form.