If you work in an environment where you are susceptible to breathing in a variety of chemicals and other debris, it is important to protect yourself against such hazards that can develop into conditions such as bronchitis and more serious respiratory and lung diseases.

There are many jobs and industries where workers face breathing hazards on a daily basis. From co-workers that smoke to handling hazardous chemicals, your lungs may be susceptible to disease and chronic conditions simply by your breathing in your workplace environment. For this reason, it is important to follow all safety regulations and requirements by wearing protective equipment such face masks and breathing gear as necessary.

Some seasoned workers will refuse to wear the protective equipment mainly because it wasn’t required ‘back in the old days’ and management often neglects to enforce the safety regulations. Both situations can lead to the development of serious lung diseases and chronic coughs which can end up leaving a worker too disabled to work. Shortness of breath and chronic coughs can lead great difficulties in performing your job duties.

It is important to understand the hazardous materials you are working around and how they can affect your health in the short and long term. Developing chronic lung conditions and disease on the job is not uncommon and often is the result of poor training and improper protective gear being utilized on the job on a consistent basis.

If you have developed breathing conditions or lung disease on the job, it is important to protect your rights as an injured worker. Contact our legal team toll free at 888-799-3918 or through our online contact form for more information.