As a bus driver, you are already facing daily job hazards from other drivers on the road. Making frequent stops and driving in rush hour traffic day after day make driving a bus potentially dangerous.

But it appears that traffic is becoming the least of the worries of those commanding buses. New statistics show that there is a significant increase in the amount of bus drivers who are attacked by passengers. Dealing with strangers every hour of the day from all walks of life poses a threat to the health and safety of drivers especially when drivers become unruly. Verbal attacks are often a common occurrence on public bus lines but when things become physical drivers have cause to be concerned.

In most of the violence cases, passengers unleashed violent attacks when drivers confronted them about not paying bus fares. Drivers who have regular routes in unsafe areas of the city have been particularly worried about the possibility of attacks.

Curbing such violence may not be a simple task. But for those injured workers, it is important to know the protocol for confronting passengers who are irate and potentially dangerous. Drivers are also wondering if security authorities on bus routes are something to come in the near future to protect bus drivers from physical violence and injuries on the bus routes with known problems.

With a reported seven attacks each month, it is certain that additional precautionary measures will need to be investigated to keep bus drivers and the passengers they carry safe while on the road.


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