I am very pleased with the service I received from Markhoff & Mittman.  When I went to the Markhoff & Mittman office in White Plains, I did not have to wait – I was seen promptly and on time.  I saw an attorney and a para-legal.  This meeting was not rushed in any way.All of my questions were answered clearly – and things I was not certain of were slowly explained to me until I had a good understanding of what I asked.  When my appointment was over, I left the M&M office knowing exactly how my case was going to proceed.  And, I won in record time!!

I most appreciated that my phone calls were always returned.  In the 1980's I had a workmen's comp case.  The attorney I had virtually NEVER returned any of my calls- to speak with him, I had to make an appointment, often weeks away.  Your office returned all of my calls, within ONE day.  This was a great, great help – thank-you!

I think it might help to have a separate phone line for the Spanish language.  When leaving a message at M&M I could not leave a message until both English and Spanish directions for messaging were finished.Charlesw A. DeCosa Jr.