Since the beginning the law frim of Markhoft & Mittman has treated me with excellence.  I NEVER EVER had a problem or discrepancy with them.  Each time I called Mariann the receptionist always treated me with care and consideration.  All the assistants – Janice, Evelyn, Cynthis, etc inlcuding Beth Kirby has treated my case with incredible and professional care.  All the lawyers – Dan Elias, Daniel Hom, Randy Jocobs and even Brian Mittman himself represented me in a hearing and all were excellent.  There are no words to express the gratitude I have for everyone at Markhoff & Mittman.  They made me feel like family since 1999.

I most appreciated the courtesy and attention given to my case.  I felt 100% confident that all they did was going to be handled regardless that I moved to Puerto Rico.  They never pushed me to the side or lacked attention to my case.

Everything was done to key satisfaction and their services has met my expectaions.Pedro Loperena