I highly recommend the firm of Markhoff and Mittman to everyone filing a Social Security Disability claim. I can tell you from my experience that you will receive individualized attention from a team of knowledgeable, caring professionals. Led by attorney Scott Daniels, the team of Beth Kirby, Sharon Baez and Don Bridges worked together to ensure that all the medical records and pertinent facts of my case were gathered and presented to the Social Security Administration to provide me with the best possible chance for a successful outcome to my claim.

My contact with Mr. Daniels and the support team included regular emails and phone calls which were responded to promptly. Mr. Daniels in particular would contact me every so often by phone, just to touch base with me, and let me know that everything was being done and we were on course. I greatly appreciated the friendly, caring treatment that I received from everyone at Markhoff and Mittman.

When my hearing date was nearing, Mr. Daniels went over the details of my case with me. It was reassuring to know that all of the facts were ready to be presented. I was impressed with Mr. Daniels presentation of my case and with his knowledge of the Social Security Disability laws.


Jeffrey Goldstein