On April 29th, The Disability Guys of Markhoff & Mittman, Partners Brian Mittman and Dan Elias, along with Administrative Assistant Milica Kilbarda attended the New York Workers Compensation Alliance second Lobby Day in Albany New York. Say what you will about Albany politics, we received a warm reception from all sides (yes, Republicans, Democrats and others!) and they greatly appreciated our efforts to provide education on issues and legislation facing New Yorks injured workers and businesses. As you may know, the Disability Guys mission is to provide education and resoruces to those that most need it when dealing with medical conditons that effect ones ability to work, and we were pleased to be part of the group that was also out there helping to educate our legislators on what really is happening.

Photo:  Brian Mittman and Milica Kilibarda at The Capitol Buildings Million Dollar Staircase