The process of filing for Social Security disability benefits is not an easy one.  This is especially true when you go through the whole process only to find your claim has been denied by the Social Security Administration. A claim denial is also frustrating as you likely need the benefits you are requesting in order to deal with your medical treatments and afford life as you live with a disability.

A Social Security disability benefits denial is not the end of the road. Although you can request an appeal, a process known as reconsideration, you stand a much stronger chance of having the initial decision reversed if you are working under the guidance of a qualified Social Security disability attorney who is familiar with the process of the appeal.

While many of the initial claims for disability is denied, as many as 80% of the claims which are appealed are also denied. Just 20% of the cases will see a reversal of the original decision where the claimant will be eligible to receive disability benefits. Most of these claimants filing for reconsideration have an attorney on their side.

The disability claims process can be confusing and if you provide incomplete information, no matter how simple, you could find your initial claim is denied. While denials are discouraging, they are not the end of the line if you need benefits assistance. Contact our experienced New York Social Security disability lawyers toll free at 877-799-3918 or use our online contact form for more information.