As cleanup in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy continues on the East Coast, workers in New York continue to struggle with the recovery efforts in affected areas. The death toll from the superstorm continues to risk with 43 reported deaths being documented.


Many workers and volunteers continue to join together to clean up the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy. The storm-related fatalities were increased after a 77 year old man was found at the bottom of his apartment building steps, already paralyzed with head injuries. The retired custodian from Rockaway, Queens succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.


As local residents continue to struggle to return to some semblance of normalcy, recovery workers and volunteers are dealing with difficult issues each day. The mental stress and strain of recovery dead bodies and facing the utter devastation are taking a toll. Medical teams on hand to help injured workers during cleanup are also offering mental health services including counseling to help volunteers and workers deal with the ongoing issues related to the storm.


On-site workers are encouraged to know the warning signs of depression and feeling overstressed. While many workers are focused on helping displaced families, it is important that the workers also receive support during the recovery and restoration efforts. Firefighters, city workers, and crews from around the country are still working to bring back power to areas where not much has been left standing.


Many workers and volunteers still performing cleanup work have also been affected by the damage of Sandy. Those who have suffered damage and lost homes are still working to help others despite their own tragedies.