Newspaper headlines have unfortunately been featuring a multitude of headlines about the suicides and physical violence that is erupting among today's youth over things said on the Internet. Bullying has long held a place in American schools but today, cases of bullying are involving younger and younger participants.

Living in the age of the Internet, kids are now being bullied in a new way – one that is more high-profile and dangerous than bullying tactics of yesteryear. But it is not only kids who are reaping the consequences of unfair Internet play. Many adults have been embroiled in physical, verbal, and mental abuse situations thanks to the popularity of social media sites and user-sharing sites like YouTube.

Some of the more common headlines of physical violence and fatalities stem from one's posting of malicious videos, photos, or words on the Internet about friends, family, and co-workers. There have been extreme cases where bullied workers returned to the office with a gun in hand, killing or injuring people they work with everyday because they have reached a breaking point.

The Internet can be a place of networking and career-boosting opportunities but it can also be a place where cyber-bullying gets the best of a human being. Violence on the job is becoming more common when social media plays a role in hurting another's reputation.

For those tempting to bully online, know that laws are being enacted and enforced to prevent such activities and to make it a crime. For those who have been or are being bullied online by a co-worker or anonymous individual, be sure to report the activities to your supervisor, family, and law enforcement before the situation gets completely out of hand.