Common illnesses are the most popular reason why people call off from their job. Crohn’s disease may be the one of the reasons you have had to miss another day of work. The symptoms of Crohn’s disease cannot only cause chronic pain and discomfort, its effect on your bowels can make it hard to leave the privacy of your home until symptoms have subsided.
Crohn’s disease may also entail developing symptoms that are similar to other medical problems or conditions so it is wise to know what you are dealing with if symptoms become recurrent. Symptoms of the disease can be off and on over time and some people will experience chronic flare ups that leave you unable to leave the bathroom let alone make it to work.
It is a wise idea to bring proof of your medical condition to your supervisor if you hope to keep your job. Since there are many companies keeping a no tolerance policy for call offs or missed days, your Crohn’s disease can cost you your job and source of income. Depending on your diagnosis and your job duties, it may be not be possible for you to work as usual, prompting you to find other job tasks with your employer.
If your symptoms of Crohn’s disease are severe, it may be time to check into disability payments for your medical condition. Many cases are denied without an experienced attorney’s involvement so a free consultation with our legal experts may be your starting place.
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