Crane operators hoping to find work in New York City may soon find it easier to get the job now that licensing rules are changing in the city. The move is meant to make it safer for overall construction sites in the densely packed area of skyscrapers and pedestrians, requiring operators to take a national exam to ensure crane operators are properly trained.

The city has seen a large number of crane collapses on construction sites in recent years. Many of these accidents were due to employer neglect on the part of crane maintenance. Other accidents have been attributed to the improper operation of the crane while on a job site. Crane accidents and collapses have resulted in serious injuries and fatalities for construction workers, crane operators, and even bystanders who were nearby when the accident occurred.

On average, construction sites are one of the most hazardous workplace environments in the country due to the constant stream of activity and dangerous job tasks worker must perform. In a well-populated location like New York City, the risks increase because of the cramped work location and often due to the heights of the construction projects.

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