There is a crackdown happening at the construction site of the World Trade Center. The Port Authority of New York Is increasing the budget so investigators can be added to the site in an effort to protect public safety.


After a series of accidents on the large construction site, the zero-tolerance crackdown was reinforced. It was initially started in 2011. The Executive Director of the Port Authority stated ‘vodka and steel beams and a construction site don’t mix’ but it was not clear if the many accidents on the job site were related to drinking.


However, there has been a significant increase in on the job accidents and worker injuries at the former World Trade Center site, which is still one of the largest and most complex construction project in the country.


While there is no direct confirmation the accidents were caused by workers drinking on the job, no one is taking any chances. Just this past June a worker was hurt after falling off construction equipment. One day later, a steel beam crashed through windows on the site. An inspector general and investigators will be ramping up efforts to enforce the zero-tolerance policy.