The recent news story concerning the construction worker that was injured after a concrete slab he was attaching to the Wilmot Cancer Center slipped and struck him in the head reminds us how important safety and protective equipment is on the job site. Luckily it appears the worker did not suffer any life-threatening injuries and was able to be rescued from the third story of the scaffolding system he was working on.
While the outcome of this situation is excellent for this worker if he, in fact, suffered no serious injuries and left the hospital the same day, the reality is that many construction accidents do not have happy endings. The sadder reality is that many of the non-happy ending construction accidents did not have to prove life-altering or fatal. When construction workers have been on the job for a long time or for those who are new to the industry, there can be a tendency to either forget to don the protective equipment or simply reject it due to perceived experience. However, there is no way to predict when, where, how, or why accidents happen on the job. One slip out of a construction vehicle due to wet shoes and you could be out of work for life….or out of life.
Construction sites are dangerous for anyone present. For this reason it is just as important for any worker to wear safety gear including hard hats and goggles as it is for any visitor on the site to do the same. It is foolish to reject the safety equipment at any part of the project because anything is possible and will happen when you least expect it. If your employer does not provide proper safety equipment, the entire site is at risk.

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