A Madison Barracks construction site in central New York was the scene of a work-related death. Kenneth Bush, a 47- year old construction worker employed by Lawman Heating and Cooling, was clearing the construction site when the accident that claimed his life occurred. Bush was a resident of Lacona.

Bush was operator an excavator to clear the Lawler Realty LLC construction site when a 40 foot tree fell over on to the excavator. Bush was pinned inside the machine for about 10 minutes until emergency crews responded to the scene and were able to cut off the roof of the excavator to free the victim.

Bush was found to be unconscious and not responsive when rescuers reached him. He was breathing on his own when he was transported to Samaritan Medical Center in Watertown, NY where he was pronounced dead. There were several responders who assisted with rescue operations including the US Customs and Border Patrol. OSHA made a site visit at a later point in the day to evaluate the accident.

The Madison Barracks in Sackets Harbor is under construction and the site is being cleared to make way for a housing project coordinated by Lawler Realty, LLC. The excavator accident occurred around 11:30 am and an investigation to what led to the construction accident is still underway.