When I first met Mr. Mittman, I was relieved to finally meet a lawyer who made me feel that he would represent me and my best interests rather than how he might profit.

In the beginning, different legal representatives appeared at my hearings.  Dealing with the same person would have been more helpful to me.  One reason – continuity.  Another, because of my injuries strangers, males  in particular, made me uncomfortable and discussing my care particulars was difficult, emotionally painful and draining.  Once I was dealing with the same people consistently, the experience was far less stressful.  Having a consistent person to deal with made it much easier to intervene on my behalf with Liberty Mutual who consistently gave me a hard time.

I appreciated both Mr. Ponti and Mr. Mittman’s patience and great efforts to explain things to me.  I appreciated their frequent itnervention with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company on my behalf.  And I appreciate that during this drawn out litigation that they kept my best intererests at heart.

Having the same lawyer and support team throughout is important.  Updates on a regular basis of the status of the case and returning of calls was much more prompt after I started dealing with the same lawyers and support team.Danielle Dexter, Joy K. Dexter