When an accident occurs while performing work related duties, the victim is not always the actual worker. While workers’ compensation provides coverage for individuals who are hurt on the job, the issue becomes much more complicated when that worker injures an innocent bystander.

The Wall Street Journal recently covered a news story in which an automobile accident claimed the life of a ten year old girl. The story which was also covered by Injuries To Children, describes a family which after attending a Broadway show, stopped by a local pastry shop. Afterward the minivan in which they were driving was hit broadside by a car “reportedly driven by an on-duty New York City public-housing supervisor.”

It was reported that the city worker involved in the crash is a New York City Housing Authority elevator mechanics supervisor. Earlier in the evening, he had responded to elevator outages in two different developments in Queens. When the collision occurred the 10 year old victim was ejected from the minivan while the mother sustained injuries. The driver, the father of the victim was not injured in the crash.

At the time of the report, no charges have been filed in this incident. Both drivers were given blood alcohol tests, the results of which were negative for each driver. The incident remains under investigation as police review surveillance footage and look for eye witnesses to the accident, none of which have stepped forward at this time.

Should a lawsuit be filed, the legalities become a bit complicated when dealing with an accident which involves a civilian motorist and city workers. It is for this reason municipalities and other businesses rely on personal attorneys to represent their case.