This article about the history of chiropractic care and local chiropractors has been provided by the Brooklyn Heights workers’ compensation lawyers at The Disability Guys.

A Brief History Of Chiropractic Care

The name “chiropractic” was invented nearly 150 years ago by a man named Daniel David Palmer. Palmer, a magnetic healer, decided to learn more about the spine and the connection in the body after helping his janitor with a knot in his back. Palmer believed that spinal adjustments could fix a variety of medical conditions because he believed he had cured the janitor’s deafness by working on his spine.

After two years of study and work, Palmer opened the Palmer School Of Chiropractic. Interest in this form of medical care spread like wildfire and within 20 years, Kansas became the first state to recognize chiropractic care as a form of medicine and require licensing. The other 49 states soon followed.

What Should I Expect During My First Visit With A Chiropractor?

You should be prepared to discuss your entire medical history with your chiropractor, including any other treatments that you are currently or planning to undergo. Chiropractors frequently work with other physicians to create a complete treatment plan for each patient.

Your chiropractor should discuss their idea for a treatment plan moving forward and explain what to expect during adjustments.

Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt?

No. You should not feel any extreme or sharp pain during a chiropractic adjustment. You may, however, experience soreness the next day, similar to the soreness experienced after a workout. You may experience immediate relief from any constant pain that you are experiencing.

Chiropractors In And Near Brooklyn Heights, NYC

Our Brooklyn Heights workers’ comp attorneys have seen many clients benefit from chiropractic care. A few licensed chiropractors in the area include:

Manhattan Wellness Group: Brooklyn Heights
123 Hicks St,
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 596-2448

Chiropractic Wellness Brooklyn NYCArea of Brooklyn Heights near workers' comp law firm.
115 Joralemon St,
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(844) 291-5965

Borough Hall Chiropractic
188 Montague St # 502,
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 797-3015

Ferrieri Chiropractic Wellness
26 Court St #1905,
Brooklyn, NY 11242
(718) 852-3535

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