Injuries to a supporting bone in the foot known as the talus can be especially difficult to deal with when you don’t want to miss time from work. A fractured talus can be caused by a fall or an auto accident, both off which can occur on the job. This type of foot fracture can put you out of work for several months. Surgery will be necessary and you are not supposed to put any weight on your injured foot for several months or you risk re-injuring yourself.

But this kind of injured worker scenario may put you out of work for quite some time. Because a cast will be necessary after surgery to repair the fracture, you may need additional time off to heal than you may need with other injuries. First, at least three months will be required without any pressure being placed on the foot even in a cast. Secondly, after that time period has passed, you still may not be able to return to work while still wearing a cast.

There may be the possibility of returning to work to a lighter duty job if one is available. However, working in a manual labor position will limit what you can do. Working in a cast can put you at extra risk as you may have difficulty maintaining your balance and may be putting others in harm’s way.

It is important to have your rights as an injured worker secured and a legal advisor for your workers compensation claim when you have to be out of work for such a long period of time. It is advisable to have someone on your side who properly understands the laws of injured workers to ensure you have the proper medical attention and follow up care to heal your fractured talus.

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