On a strange day this January, four men lost their lives in separate and unrelated subway accidents. One might start to wonder if riding the subway is safe and if these accidents could have been prevented.  It would seem that if four men could die in just a short 24 hour span that something more needs to be done to ensure rider safety.

Two of the men who died were struck by trains and reports say that no one knows why either of these men were on the tracks.  One appears to have been crossing the tracks while the other was wandering through the subway tunnels.  Perhaps there should be more safety measures in place that prevent non-subway employees from gaining access to tunnels.  Video surveillance, security guards, even guard rails or alarms would probably go a long way in preventing these types of accidents.

A third man who got his head stuck between the platform and a train might have been saved had there been guardrails in place to prevent him from leaning over the edge or looking down the track, whatever he was doing to get his head stuck.  Being too close to the edge of the platform can cause a variety of injuries, including falls onto the track which have been reported to happen a couple times a week.

The final death came when a man fell down a flight of stairs at a station in Queens.  On a cold January night, those stairs might have been slippery or dark.  While accidents do happen, they can also be prevented with safety measures and a bit of care.

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