Consider how many times you’ve called in sick when all you really wanted was a little break. Then consider how many times you wish you could just call off of work claiming illness. Chances are good that you have been in either boat but the reality is your lack of attendance at work can put you out of a job.

Being ill and showing up for work may only be a temporary issue but for some, those illness can be chronic meaning some employees have to miss a lot more work than their co-workers. Depending on the employer and the specific situation, arrangements may be made to deal with chronic illnesses and work-related issues.

But it is always best to err on the side of caution and don’t call off ‘sick’ just for fun. Crying wolf too often can land you in the unemployment line, especially if a serious matter like a family health emergency or an on the job injury leaves you in need of time off you have already wasted.

Not all employers will be willing to work on a case by case basis. Some maintain attendance rules that are very cut and dry- you don’t show up for work, you don’t have a job.  It can be that simple, especially if you violate these attendance policies during your introductory or probationary period.

If you have issues with legitimate chronic illnesses and your job, you should have your case evaluated by a legal professional. Contact our office to schedule a free evaluation by calling toll free 866-205-2415 or using our online confidential contact form.