Hundreds of pizzerias can be found in Brooklyn, from trendy corner slice shops to iconic coal-burning icons, because of that, our experienced workers’ comp attorneys in Brooklyn and put together two of their recommendations for local pizza shops and have sponsored this article. 

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Ogliastro Pizza Bar

Named after the home town of Pietro in Sicily, Ogliastro is the newest member of the Brooklyn restaurants Hallett / Sclafani chain.

Owner Pietro Sclafani, a native of Sicily, opened his Ogliastro in 2014, in Prospect Heights. This was not Pietro’s first rodeo, has he owned several restaurants prior to opening his successful pizza bar. 

On the menu, you can find a list of hand-crafted antipasti’s, each with its own unique spin on the traditional recipe as well as a list of delicious salads all with a distinct flavor. 

On to what they are known for, there diverse mix of classic and signature pizzas, you are guaranteed to find a hand-tossed classic, made to make your mouth water. 

If you can’t find any pizzas that suit your fancy, opt-in for constructing your own personalized pizza, with a list of meats, cheeses, and vegetables to choose from. 


With the restaurant opening in 2009, Saraghina strives to serve fresh and delicious food, made with love and care. Since the owners grew up in Italy, their goal is to provide customers with the same meals their mother prepared with love and the freshest ingredients from the local markets. 

As for the pizzas, the Neapolitan-style pizzas are chewy and puffy around the edges, it is the top combinations that really make the pies of Saraghina shine.

If you’re spending time in Brooklyn with family and children, consider visiting Brooklyn’s famous children’s museums, located close to both pizza shops. 

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