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The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a mission-driven industrial park that is a globally recognized example of the feasibility and positive effect of modern urban growth.

The Yard now houses more than 450 companies that employ more than 11,000 people and produce more than $2.5 billion annually in economic activity for the region. Building on the history of the Yard as Brooklyn ‘s economic heart, the 300-acre waterfront asset offers many New Yorkers a critical path to the middle class.

The Yard used to be the most iconic naval shipbuilding facility in the country, which designed and launched America’s most famous fighting ships, including the USS Maine, USS Arizona, and USS Missouri, for more than 150 years. 

To countless veterans, as they served our country, the Yard often acted as a significant point of passage, residence, and workplace.

Building 77

Building 77 was recently renovated and opened to the public in late 2017. It serves as a popular example of how high-density manufacturing can flourish in urban settings. 

It was originally designed in 1942 as a windowless storage facility and is now an active business and work development center. Many companies house their businesses there such as Nanette Lepore, Lafayette 148, Casual Films, Catbird Jewelry, Wazer, and the Brooklyn Steam Center. 

Building 92

Designed in 1858 by Thomas Ustick Walter, Building 92 was originally the U.S. Marine Corps Commandant’s Residence. Today, it is the last standing building of a 3.5-acre complex that includes the Marine Officers’ Quarters, Barracks, and a Gate House. 

It houses the Albert C. Wiltshire Employment Center and is the permanent exhibition called Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present & Future. Visitors can stay connected with the industrial innovators of that time period and be inspired to learn about all the Yard has to offer. 

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