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Brooklyn Historical Society was founded in 1863 and is a nationally renowned urban history center dedicated to preserving and promoting the study of the remarkable 400-year history of Brooklyn.

Located in Brooklyn Heights, with a second location in DUMBO, the society is considered a cultural hub for public discussions, constructive engagement, and community outreach. Their goal is to connect the past with the present and educate the minds using a vibrant history of relevance and meaning.


The “Waterfront” exhibit showcases the fascinating history of the coastline. This exhibition and immersive experience bring the vivid past of Brooklyn’s coast to life for tourists of all ages through stories of workers, writers, businesses, activists, communities, neighborhoods, and ecosystems.

The “Taking Care of Brooklyn: Stories of Sickness and Health” is another groundbreaking exhibition that explores centuries’ worth of how Brooklyn understood different sicknesses and health issues.

Taking Care of Brooklyn teaches us that illness is as much a social phenomenon as it is a biological one, through the stories of ordinary Brooklynites giving, receiving, seeking, and being refused health care.

Online Exhibitions are free to the public and are a great way to immerse yourself in some cultural history without having to leave home. Currently, people can view exhibitions such as The Packer Collegiate Institute: A Story of Education in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Abolitionists/In Pursuit of Freedom, Brooklyn Waterfront History, and more.

Research & Collections 

Visitors of the museums also have access to an assortment of educational and historical research and collections.

The Brooklyn Historical Society gathers, maintains, and makes the most extensive array of materials related to Brooklyn’s history and culture available to the public. The collections encourage innovative and cutting edge scholarships; help public learning and research; and enrich the exhibits, educational programs, and public programming of BHS.

Grab some food at one of our favorite trendy restaurants after a long day exploring everything the museum has to offer.

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