OSHA recently issued multiple citations to a Brooklyn NY construction company that was found to be in direct violation of multiple construction violations after several floors of the residential project collapsed, trapping five workers and killing one.


The incident in Brooklyn is just one of the many construction accidents where construction workers have been injured or killed after negligence on the part of their employers. In the recent case, concrete was poured in the wrong order, causing several floors to collapse. In addition to that violation, it was also found the structural support system wasn’t safe in the first place. This act of negligence put every worker on the job site at risk for injury.


Workers, especially those in construction have the right to refuse to do any work activity they deem too dangerous. The law allows workers to evoke these rights without being retaliated upon for their refusal. In many cases, a worker’s gut instinct warning about a hazardous situation is correct but many will continue on just to comply with orders.


Working a dangerous job such as construction is dangerous enough without the additional hazards brought on by negligence. Employees that notice violations of safety in the workplace should report incidents to supervisors including unsafe workspaces, faulty equipment, or lack of proper training. If nothing is done about the situation, workers have the right to refuse to work without penalty.


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