A Brooklyn NY contractor was investigated and issued several citations after safety regulators determined a Brighton Beach construction accident was the result of poor construction by the contractor.


OSHA issued eleven violations to SP&K Construction after it was found that the November 2011 collapse of a five-story building collapsed killing one worker and causing injury to four others was due to shoddy construction. The building was a residential project being constructed at 2929 Brighton 5th Street in Brooklyn.


At the time of the collapse, the contractor’s employees were pouring concrete on the third and fourth floors when the front of three of the floors collapsed. Five of the construction workers were trapped until rescued by firefighters. One later died at a local hospital.


The NYC Department of Buildings also gave the construction company five citations after determining the workers had poured the concrete in the wrong order. They should have started from the bottom and worked upwards to the other floors. There was a failure to keep the structural stability of the floors at the time of erecting the steel.


The construction company received an OSHA citation for willfully violating regulations pertaining to the structural instability of the building. This would indicate SP&K Construction intentionally showed disregard for the laws of construction and disregard of worker’s health and safety.