A worker was seriously injured during a building collapse on a Bronx worksite shortly after noon on October 29th. The worker was part of a crew that was renovating a commercial building on Stratford Avenue.

According to officials, the construction crew was working on the first floor of the building when a support column collapsed. Witnesses and local residents say that the building had been in poor condition to begin with, and the collapse was not surprising. The injured New York worker was trapped under rubble, which was said to be at least 6 feet deep. Emergency responders were able to free the worker; he was then transferred to Jacoby Hospital. The worker, whose name has not been released, was in serious condition.

Local residents say there is very little left of the building except rubble. One person described it as being “split in the middle.” The site is now under investigation by the Buildings Department and the Office of Emergency Management. It is expected that what is left of the building will need to be torn completely down.

The Bronx workers’ compensation attorneys with Markhoff & Mittman, P.C. hope the unnamed construction worker experiences a speedy recovery and is back on his feet soon after this frightening experience.