Many people underestimate the suffering that comes with serious skin disorders – until they experience it personally. If you suffer from a disabling skin condition, you know that every movement and every moment can be painful and uncomfortable. If you’re having trouble working or just getting though the day, maybe it’s time to start thinking about applying for disability for skin disease.

The evaluation and diagnosis of a skin disorder can be a long and difficult process, and it takes a strong case to prove that your skin disorder is interfering with your life and daily functioning to the point that you qualify for Social Security disability in New York for your chronic skin condition. Although specific conditions are listed by Social Security disability as covered afflictions, your condition may need to meet certain requirements for severity. Non-covered disorders could also be covered if it can be proven that it interferes with your functioning to a severe degree.

If you decide to pursue disability for dermatitis or another skin condition, your Bronx disability lawyer will gather as much information as possible about your skin disease, including information about:

  • How your skin condition started, including any exposure you may have had to allergens or toxins
  • How often you experience flare-ups and what triggers a flare-up
  • How any skin lesions look, including size and where on your body they appear
  • Your ability to function with the skin condition
  • Laboratory findings (biopsies and blood tests)
  • The general outlook for your skin condition and if it is expected to improve

If you’re not sure if your skin disorder will be covered by disability in New York, give your White Plains disability lawyers a call at 1-855-614-4351 or 1-866-205-2415. We are devoted to helping disabled and injured workers get the compensation they need to take care of their families and pay for needed medical care. We look forward to speaking with you!