There are several medical conditions that affect the bones including cancer, osteoporosis, and Paget’s disease, a condition that cause bones to grow abnormally and larger than normal. Medical conditions affecting the bones can cause a lot of pain so a person afflicted with a bone-related condition may not be able to work and earn a living.


Those that are diagnosed with medical conditions affecting the bones also need to be extra careful if they do continue to work. Bones that are brittle can break easily even during an incident that may otherwise be considered minor. A simple slip and fall to a person that has osteoporosis can cause major breaks in several places of a bone or in multiple bones.


The eligibility for a bone condition will depend on how severe the situation is. It will also depend on how the bone issues you experience will limit your movement and abilities to perform a job effectively and safely. It is important to have your particular case reviewed by an experienced New York disability attorney who can ensure you fill out the claim forms correctly. They can also evaluate your medical history to determine if you are qualified to apply for benefits when you can no longer work.


Be sure to visit with your doctor and any specialists you may be referred to for continued treatment. Many times prescription medications are necessary to treat bone-related conditions especially those that result in the loss of bone density. In order to follow proper treatment plans, be sure to follow up with your doctor and take medications as recommended. If you feel it is unsafe to work due to your limitations, you may want to seek professional legal advice concerning disability options from Social Security.


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