When potential employees are looking to be hired for a new job with a new employer, there may be a requirement of drug testing for illegal substances prior to the actual hiring approval. While some employers only use a urine test for the purpose of identifying drug use, some will require a blood test which can be more indepth and determine a longer history of drug usage.


Blood tests are used to identify a range of illegal drugs in the body including cocaine, marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, opiates, nicotine, and even alcohol. Blood tests are more frequently used as part of the pre-hiring process by employers. However, blood tests for drugs may also be conducted after an employee has been hired and randomly throughout their employment. Blood testing for illegal drugs or alcohol may also be completed for those that have been injured on the job. The test is used to determine if the injured worker or those involved in the accident were under the influence at the time of the incident.


Not all companies have a drug testing policy but more are incorporating them into their company structure. It is important to know what the drug testing policy is at your workplace so you will have the right expectations when working for an employer. Besides after an accident or before being hired, some businesses have the right to request a drug test if there is suspicion as to drug use when on the job. Positive test results can be cause for termination.


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