Those who work in the medical industry, in research departments, or within industrial work places may be exposed to powerful laser lights which can pose a great risk to employees. OSHA has recently announced their partnership with the Laser Institute of America to highlight the dangers of working around beams and the potential consequences it may have.

Laser beam technology is used in a number of capacities in the medical field as well in industrial work and while it may well serve purposes for the advancement of the human race, their power can leave those who work around them with serious side effects. Laser lights are very strong and without the proper protective equipment such as special goggles or other eye protection, employees can eventually harm their eyesight or even lose it all together.

The power of a laser can also have a negative impact on human skin. The beams can cause burns or even lead to the development of skin cancer and other serious diseases. Again, protective gear is one way to protect yourself against the potentially hazard effects of a laser.

Training is also of utmost importance to ensure you and your fellow co-workers understand the dangers of working around lasers as well as the proper way to work around them or with them directly. It can only take a second for something to veer off course and cause serious damage to anyone within the workplace environment.

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