There can be a lot of complexities involved in getting and handling your workers compensation benefits and your Social Security benefits. If you are receiving benefits at the same time things can get even more difficult.


Our New York attorneys are experienced at handling all aspects of workers compensation and Social Security benefits. In many cases, having a knowledgeable attorney on your team will be what it takes to get approved for benefits in the first place. By consulting with our team of attorneys from the beginning, we will help go through the entire process with you to protect your best interest and your rights.


There can be additional information that is involved in your specific benefits case. While there are not generally taxation of workers compensation but it is vital to have someone that knows what is your responsibilities are for paying owned taxes to the federal and local governments.


While consulting with a tax expert is advisable, it is also important to have an experienced attorney accessible to answer your questions from the start of the benefits process to the conclusion to be sure you are in accordance with the laws, especially where taxes are concerned. If you do not pay the required taxes on benefits you receive you could set the stage for serious financial complications in the future.


Start by contacting our attorneys for a free consultation by calling us toll free at 888-799-3918 or by using our online contact form. We can help you secure your benefits for workers compensation if you are injured on the job or if you are unable to work and need to apply for Social Security benefits.