Arthritis is a common medical condition that can be developed over time or through genetics. Arthritis causes inflammation in the joints of the bone which can lead to deformities, chronic pain, and serious limitations. Depending on the location of the arthritis and your work responsibilities, the condition can put you out of work.

If you have been referred to a rheumatologist by your family doctor for further treatment, you should ask the specialist what to expect with progression of your condition. If the arthritis or related illness is severe, you may no longer be able to perform the duties necessary in your work environment. You may also not be able to perform your job duties safety.

Many people develop arthritis in their hands which makes it hard to do much of anything. Even signing their name can be a struggle. In the serious cases, you may need to file for Social Security disability if your daily living and work ability has become impaired.

Additionally, those suffering from arthritis may have additional problems on the job that risk the health and safety of others when chronic pain leads to the necessity for medication, prescription or otherwise. Some types of medications used to treat arthritis symptoms can be dangerous and should only be used when patients are resting, not responsible for job safety.

If you have already tried filing for disability and had your claim denied, know that you can still try to gain benefit approval through the help of an experienced attorney familiar with the rules and regulation of Social Security. Contact us toll free at 888-799-3918 or use our online contact form.